Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Greenwich focusing on providing the best services in the business. Our carpet cleaning process allows us to get great results every time. Our team will do everything possible to remove stains, clean generally dirty carpets, repair rugs, and much more. We are up front and open about the process we use for cleaning carpets and rugs so our customers know exactly what they are going to get. If you would like to learn more about this process, please read on. You can also give us a call at 203-456-9288 to speak with one of our professionals or schedule an appointment.

Evaluating Your Carpets

The first step in our carpet cleaning process is going to be to look closely at your carpets or rugs. This will allow us to identify any areas where there is heavy traffic, stains, or other problems that will require special attention. We can also spot any damaged areas to your rug and see if you would like us to perform a repair or restoration on it to make it look like new again. In most cases, our professionals can evaluate the situation quite quickly and come up with a good plan of action.

Eliminating the Stains

In most cases we will want to focus on any stained or deeply dirty areas first. This allows us to use the right products and equipment that are designed specifically for stain removal. Depending on the type of stain and other factors, we will likely want to pre-treat the stain to help allow its complete removal. We can also use focused equipment that scrubs and pulls out whatever the stain may be. Whether you have a brand new stain, or one that has already set in, we will almost certainly be able to remove it for you.

Deep Cleaning & Shampooing

Once the specific stains are out, we'll begin cleaning the whole carpet or rug. In most cases, this will be done using our powerful carpet cleaners combined with the best carpet cleaning products on the market. We use only environmentally friendly carpet shampooing products so that you can be confident it will be safe for pets and children. The professional cleaners will go over every inch of the floor to make sure nothing is missed. This will leave the carpet looking clean and smelling fresh!

Additional Services

Our cleaning process can include additional services such as applying stain guard, cleaning the upholstery, or other things. If you have requested any of these types of services, we will take care of those while we are there to clean the carpet. This is a very convenient way to get your home or business looking its best again.

Final Inspection

Before we leave any job we will look closely over the carpets, rugs, and other areas that we have cleaned. This will help ensure we didn't miss anything, and that your floor coverings look their best. You can also look over the entire area to make sure you are happy with the results.

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