Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Greenwich

If you are going to hire someone to clean your carpets or rugs in Greenwich, you want to make sure you are working with the best. The team here at Carpet Cleaning Greenwich has the experience and equipment needed to properly clean any type of floor covering you may have. We've been serving the people of Greenwich and the surrounding area for many years and will be more than happy to have you as our next client. Read on to learn some of the many reasons why people choose us for all their carpet cleaning needs. You can also give us a call at 203-456-9288 to speak with a carpet care professional and schedule an appointment right away.

Experienced Cleaning Professionals

One of the most important things that sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we have years of experience. We hire and train the best carpet cleaning professionals around, and always make sure they keep up with the latest and best strategies. This helps us to ensure we are able to clean any type of carpet properly and without any problems. This isn't just a side job, or something that our people do for extra cash in the summers. Our experienced carpet cleaners know what they are doing and will make sure your carpets look their best when they are done with the job.

Best Cleaning Products and Machines

When we come to your home or business to clean your carpets, we will always bring the best machines and products to do the job right. These carpet cleaning machines are designed to get deep into the carpet or rug fibers and safely remove any dirt, hair, oils, or other debris that may be present. This is combined with our powerful, yet environmentally friendly, cleaning products that are designed specifically to work on rugs and carpets.

Cleaning and Repair

In addition to cleaning your carpets and rugs, we can also perform repairs if there is any damage. On area rugs, for example, it is not uncommon for the edges to become frayed. When this happens the fibers can continue to come loose, and the damage keeps getting worse. Our team can hand weave the fibers back into the rug to make it look like new again. When we have to use replacement fibers, we will choose the exact shade needed to make sure it matches the rest of your rug. No matter what is wrong with your rugs, we can evaluate the damage and provide you with a quote on what it will cost to repair. This is really the best way to extend the life of your aging rugs.

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We Work Around Your Schedule

We Work on Your Schedule

We know that cleaning your rugs is not always the most convenient thing to plan. You undoubtedly have a busy life that you don't want to have to put on hold while your carpets are being cleaned. This is why we offer convenient scheduling options to have our cleaning professionals come to you when it won't cause you any problems. This is especially convenient for businesses that need their rugs cleaned since we can do it during your off hours so as to not interrupt customers. To schedule a carpet or rug cleaning at a time that works for you, please give us a call at 203-456-9288.